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My name is Gilbert Marosi, I am a well established artist in Canada and troughout the United States. Here you'll find just few of my recent paintings. I have sold $60,000 worth of art the past 12 months ranging from $4000 to $6000 each. I paint strictly in oil. My style matter is impressionistic as well as pretty realistic and expressionist. It is alive with colors and activity. It is also extremely textural because I am primarily a palette knife artist and am able to achieve exquisite details. I paint any subject you can think of, from meticulous portraits to landscapes, street scapes, flowers and nudes. I have a portfolio of over 1500 paintings. Feel free to browse trough my website http://www.gilbertmarosi.com

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

HI Folks

This is one of my colorful paintings, to see more click on Movies

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Anonymous said...

Conviction Notice

MAROSI IS A PROFESSIONAL landlord who owns more than a dozen rental properties around San Jose. When he realized he was going to be sentenced for the spill, he says he wanted to make the best out of a bad situation and told the judge he was happy to do some community work, that he "gets by" in nine languages and has a master's degree.

"I said I would be happy to help out with something that correlates with my background," he says.

The judge took Marosi's qualifications into consideration and assigned him to serve his time in manual labor, picking up cigarette butts and cleaning public bathrooms.

"It's vicious," Marosi says. "The city is out of control. If you're a landlord in the Santee area, you're a dead duck."

Marosi claims he cleaned up the sewage spill and accuses city inspector Diane Buchanan of lying.

"My conscience is clear," he says. "Why would I leave raw sewage there? For what possible purpose?"

Marosi blames bad tenants for some of the problems he is saddled with. The sewage spill, for example, Marosi claims was caused by tenants "abusing the plumbing system." And Marosi says that "like a nice guy," he paid to have the drains unclogged. He gets enraged just talking about having to serve time for the sewage that sat on his property.

"A cat will cover his shit," he rants. "A dog will cover his shit. You mean to tell me that tenants there will not cover their shit?"

The day of his sentence, Marosi called his tenants and offered them $50 to $100 of the $1,000 the judge had ordered him to pay each of them. He also admitted he has been charging his tenants for water, another violation of the injunction.

"I had been charging for water," he says. "Anything over $40, they pay. That is to keep them from letting the toilets run."

Another landlord, Frank Lindsen of Sacramento, agrees the tenants are a big part of the problem. He says he bought his building, 1376 Dubert Lane, a decade ago and borrowed $30,000 to fix it up. He says he spent $2,000 alone on landscaping and a sprinkler system with timers that was quickly destroyed by the tenants.

Soon after, he says, he came by the building and found a pit dug in the yard for roasting a pig. Kids had ripped out the wires to the sprinkler system, and the sprinkler heads were crushed by people driving on the lawn.

"The way they paint me, I'm an absolute slumlord. It's not right," Lindsen argued.